February 17, 2000

Nippon Paper Industries To Open A Research Facility for Clonal Propagation Technology of Eucalyptus globulus

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries will open a research facility in Collie, Western Australia, located approximately 150km south of Perth. Aiming for practical use of Eucalyptus globulus clones, Nippon Paper Industries will apply technology which it developed first in the world.
The outline of the research facility is as follows:
Area : 4 hectares
Facility : Clone propagation facility, green house, and nursery (1hectare)
The cost of construction : 130,000,000 yen
Open : June 2000
Personnel : Two full-time staff members from the company's laboratory
This research facility will be established to work on the selection and preservation of the genes of elite Eucalyptus globulus trees. Our research will aim to produce elite clone plantlets adaptable for Australia, and confirm their superiority to conventionally grown trees.
It is estimated that Australia has the largest potential land area suitable for Eucalyptus globulus, which is a resource for pulp and paper production. The Bunbury Tree Farm Project (BTP), Nippon Paper Industries's main Tree farm project, is currently located in Southeast Collie. As a result Nippon Paper Industries believes that Collie is the best location for this research facility.
After the Australian government's FIRB, Foreign Investment Review Board, approves the purchase of the farm, construction will begin. The research planting of the clonal Eucalyptus globulus is scheduled to begin in June 2000 aiming for a practicalutilization within 4 to 5 years.