April 12, 2000

Launching of Business Integration Committee

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
Daishowa Paper Manufacturing, Co., Ltd.

On April 11, we launched the Business Integration Committee to ensure that business integration by Nippon Paper Industries' and Daishowa Paper Manufacturing's joint holding company proceeds smoothly. An overview of the committee and supporting structure is provided below.
Business Integration Promotion Organization
1. Chief Council
2. Business Integration Committee
3. Function-specific subcommittees
4. Secretariat
5. Special committees
Chief Council
1) Purpose Discuss and decide crucial matters concerning integration.
2) Schedule To be held whenever necessary.
3) Members   Nippon Paper Industries: Masao Kobayashi, President, and Yasuhiko Kurosawa, Executive Vice President
Daishowa Paper Manufacturing: Kazumoto Sogo, President, and Koshiro Kitaoka, Senior Managing Director
Business Integration Committee
1) Purpose Deliberate crucial matters concerning integration including basic policy, measures, and stock transfer ratios for implementing the organization, functions, and integration effects of the holding company and joint sales company. In addition, manage and promote the entire task of integration.
2) Schedule Meets once a month as a general rule.
3) Members Nippon Paper Industries: Yasuhiko Kurosawa, Executive Vice President, Kiichiro Sakai, Executive Vice President, Soji Ban, Senior Management Director, Takahiko Miyoshi, Senior Management Director, and Isao Nakajima, Managing Director Daishowa Paper Manufacturing: Masayuki Mifune, Senior Vice President, Tsuneo Kikuchi, Senior Managing Director, Koshiro Kitaoka, Senior Managing Director, Nobuhiro Kato, Director, and Masayuki Hayashi, Director
4) Secretariat Corporate Planning Department, Nippon Paper Industries Business Integration Section, Daishowa Paper Manufacturing
Function-Specific Subcommittees
Subcommittees will be established for the following areas to provide in-depth studies of the matters required for achieving smooth integration and extracting the maximum potential from integration.
General affairs
Public relations
Affiliated companies
Forest resources
Materials Pulp
Printing paper
Communication paper
Production planning
Special Committees
Special committees will be established as necessary to discuss special Business Integration Committee matters in specific areas.