August 29, 2003

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission by 15%
— The Third Revision to the Environmental Charter of 1993 —

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Takahiko Miyoshi), Japan's leading paper and pulp manufacturing company and a core member of the Nippon Unipac Holding Group, finalized the third revision to its Environmental Charter on August 19, 2003. The revised version sets new targets, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 15%, represented by the volume of CO2.
In 1993, the Company established an Environmental Charter, the first in the Japanese paper industry. The Charter sets out the Company's basic policies for sustainable corporate activities that are in harmony with nature, and provides specific numeric targets. Measures taken to date include large-scale projects such as the Tree Farm Initiative, in which trees are planted at overseas sites to secure sustainable resources, and the Zero-Discharge Campaign to reduce waste, as well as regional contribution activities in which all employees take part. The Company has reviewed the recent environmental situation, and the third revision of its Environmental Charter reflects the changes, while also setting new targets.
The following numeric targets have been set in the third revision:
1) To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% (represented by the volume of CO2) of actual emissions in fiscal 1990 (ending March 31, 1991), by fiscal 2010
*) The reduction of 1.26 million tons from the volume emitted in fiscal 2003 corresponds to household CO2 emissions of about one million people.


2) To reduce energy consumed in the course of distribution by 5% of actual consumption in fiscal 2002, by fiscal 2010
3) To reduce the amount of final waste to 0.01% per product weight
4) To raise the DIP ratio in newsprint to 75% or more
5) To acquire forest certification for all forests owned by the Company by 2008
6) To raise the ratio of "certified trees + planted trees" in imported hardwood chips to 100% by 2008
Nippon Paper Industries is proud that the paper industry is unique as an industry that recycles all of its raw material inputs, and is determined to continue to strive for the coexistence of its corporate activities with the natural environment. The Company's business operations will always emphasize the importance of contributing to the sustainable development of society.