March 5, 2004

New Release of Two Coated "SILK" Paper Products:

Nippon Unipac Holding Group
Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Japan's leading paper and pulp manufacturing company and a core member of the Nippon Unipac Holding Group, has launched two new products. The "U-ltimax SILK" is matt coated paper*1, which boasts unsurpassed reproducibility in photo printing. The "PRO!GRACE SILK" is gloss coated paper*2, with a character printing area that produces high legibility.

The U-ltimax SILK: a matt paper that is virtually a gloss paper
The U-ltimax SILK retains a white surface with the natural uneven texture typical of matt paper. Retaining excellent character legibility, it features a unique whiteness that is soft on the eyes. Without excessively increasing the smoothness, we have successfully preserved the paper thickness and the feel inherent in matt paper and achieved a printing finish comparable to that with gloss paper. It produces a sharp contrast on the border with the white surface and a shadow part that makes the image look as if its subject is coming to the fore. Despite having a substantial paper thickness for matt paper, it is lighter in weight than conventional products.
No matt paper compares with U-ltimax SILK in featuring printing reproducibility that is nearly comparable to that of gloss paper. Differentiating it from existing products, the unique whiteness further enhances the expressiveness of publications.

The PRO!GRACE SILK: gloss paper that is virtually a matt paper
Conventional gloss paper boasted excellent photo reproducibility but had a drawback in the legibility of texts because of the strong gloss on the white surface. The PRO!GRACE SILK simultaneously features a photo printing surface that retains high reproducibility and a character printing area with high legibility, with the gloss on the white surface controlled.
Without sacrificing the smoothness, we have achieved a high quality printing finish unique to gloss paper and character legibility that closely parallels that of matt paper on the PRO!GRACE SILK. The whiteness that heightens the grace of the margin space and the classy feel further upgrade the fine look on it.

*1    Matt coated paper: has a certain thickness and a soft touch. Reducing the gloss, it produces a natural printing finish.
*2    Gloss coated paper: is thin and has a glossy touch. With the gloss on its surface, it produces a sharp printing finish.