February 10, 2005

Notice of Conclusion of Main Sponsorship Agreement with IBLJ Inc.

Nippon Paper Group

SHIKOKU COCA·COLA BOTTLING CO., LTD. is pleased to announce the signing of a three-year agreement for the sponsorship of the Shikoku Island League run by IBLJ Inc. The agreement will run until March 2008.

The business of SHIKOKU COCA·COLA BOTTLING has always encompassed the four prefectures on the island of Shikoku. IBLJ president Hiromichi Ishige recently approached the Company with details concerning a project for an independent baseball league in Shikoku, describing its objective and his strong commitment to it. Mr. Ishige asked SHIKOKU COCA·COLA BOTTLING for assistance as a main sponsor.
As a local enterprise deeply rooted in the Shikoku region, the Company agreed to offer sponsorship to help revitalize the local economy, part of our contribution to regional society.
Based in the local community, SHIKOKU COCA·COLA BOTTLING has long provided support for children and young adults, the region's future leaders, in the four Shikoku prefectures.
With the aim of providing young aspiring professional baseball players with the opportunity to strive to reach their dream, the Shikoku Island League is a great venture for the region. Our support as main sponsor represents a new pillar in our activities to contribute to society.
The agreement entails the display of the Coca-Cola logo on uniforms for games, the display of the logo at baseball training, the consumption and exposure of SHIKOKU COCA·COLA BOTTLING's soft drink products at official games and the right to sell the Company's soft drink products at baseball stadiums hosting official games.