January 10, 2006

NIPPON PAPER-PAK Signs Contract for Supply
of Aseptic Beverage Packaging System in China


Last December, NIPPON PAPER-PAK CO., LTD. (head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo, President: Toshihiro Maeda), a member of the Nippon Paper Group, signed a contract with Jilin Jiuniu Dairy Group (Jilin City Jiuniu Dairy Development Co., Ltd., see Note 1) based in Jilin Province, China, for the supply of FUJIPAK ® System (Note 2).
Enhancement of income levels and westernization of diets in China develop more demand for milk, lactic drinks, juice and other beverages. However, the country shall require further years and investments to prepare sufficient infrastructure for chilled distribution to cover its vast territory. That is expected to provide a stable growth opportunity to such a long-life packaging system as FUJIPAK®.
NIPPON PAPER-PAK has promoted FUJIPAK® System in the Chinese market, for instance through ProPak China exhibition, a trade fair held in Shanghai every year. Jilin Jiuniu Dairy Group becomes the first company to implement FUJIPAK® System in China and is expected to start the operation in this July. NIPPON PAPER-PAK is to provide the same system: a combination of filling machines, packages and machine maintenance, as it does in Japan, and to make efforts in order to expand its customer base steadily.
(Note 1) Jilin Jiuniu Dairy Group: A dairy company established in 1999 in Jilin Province where it runs 11 dairy farms and a plant to produce milk and dairy products. Its new plant is under construction in a neighboring city, Jiaohe.
(Note 2) FUJIPAK® System: An aseptic filling and packaging system for liquid food jointly developed by NIPPON PAPER-PAK and Shikoku Kakoki Co., Ltd. (head office: Itano-gun, Tokushima). Offering various sizes of brick-shaped paper packages ranging from 100ml to 300ml and a liter as well, FUJIPAK® enables long-life performance that can be distributed and stored under ambient temperature.