October 27, 2006

License for Manufacture of Lignin Products Granted to Domsjö Fabriker AB (Sweden)

Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd. (President: Toshio Inoue) of the Nippon Paper Group has reached an agreement with Domsjö Fabriker AB(*) of Sweden on the licensing of a proprietary patent for the manufacture of lignin products and the provision of know-how. A licensing agreement was concluded on October 2.
The patent relates to concrete admixture made from lignin. Nippon Paper Chemicals has focused primarily on the domestic market in developing business for the product. The patented technology is indispensable for Domsjö Fabriker AB, which is seeking to promote sales of high value-added lignin products. The two companies consequently decided to conclude the agreement.
The Nippon Paper Group is pursuing active overseas business development, as discussed in Group Vision 2015, including the provision of the technologies and other intellectual property it has accumulated in Japan.
(*) Outline of Domsjö Fabriker AB
Domsjö Fabriker is located in örnsköldsvik, central Sweden, by the Gulf of Bothnia. The company became independent from the MoDo Group in 2000, and has been manufacturing pulp and lignin products using the sulfite pulping method.