June 25, 1996

Nippon Paper Industries revised Its Environmental Charter
The goal of plantation in overseas countries will be tripled.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

1. Background of revision.
The Environmental Charter was established in April, 1993 as a specific guideline with numerous numbers of realistic action plan, however, as some of the targets have been implemented, and also a new guideline has emerged such as recycling of liquid packaging, the Company decided to review the charter for revision.
2. Area of revision.
(1) Development of afforestation
Current situation:
The current goal is to complete the plantation of 30,000 hectare by year of 2000. Our target for future development of afforestation is to cover the 50% of our requirement of hardwood chips to be secured from plantation in the overseas countries.
Future plan:
(a) Implementation of 'Tree Farm Initiative' to develop afforestation of hardwood in a sustainable manner to generate woodchips.
Area of forestation (minimum) 100,000 hectare
Annual chip supply (minimum) 100,000 bone dry tons
(200,000 cubic meter)
Completion Year of 2008
(b) More than 70% of hardwood chips should be covered by import from overseas plantation in 2008.
(2) Promotion of Recycling liquid packaging and other packaging materials
a) Implementation of recycling post- consumer-waste of liquid packaging board, and re-use of suck raw materials as containing recycle waste paper.
b) Increase the rate of recollection to 65% on wooden pallet used for cut size sheet paper delivery.
c) Change the type of such wrapping paper as using polyethylene lamination to other appropriate wrapping paper suitable for recycling.
(3) Qualification for ISO 14000
In order to meet quality requirement set by the world standard, the Company will promote to qualify for ISO 14000.
1) Stop purchasing such undesirable specific materials as fluorocarbon contained products by end of 1995.
2) Alignment of environmental protection rule.
The company will continue to endeavor of undertaking the effort of environmental protection.