November 28, 1996

A new company formed for Film Packaging Business

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

The company announced its consolidation of film packaging business in July 1996, and now a specific decision is made as follows ;
To strengthen the cost competitiveness, and to improve the quality of film packaging, the outstanding enterprises of ONE WRAP for household use, and U-WRAPP for stretch film both of which are within our group have been consolidated, and the details of new company is as described below.
Profile of new company
Name : NP Film Company Ltd.
Authorized Capital : 100 million yen (Invested in full amount by Jujo Central Co., Ltd.)
Head office : Ichigaya S-One Building No.1 Funagawaramachi Ichigaya Shinjukyku Tokyo
Mill location : No.1 Kubota Jujo Nakosomachi Iwaki Fukushima Prefecture Mill site is in Nakoso mill of Nippon Paper Industries
Business operation : Manufacturing and sales of stretch film, household wrapping film and film for industrial use.
Management : Hiroo Asakura, President
                         Hajime Tani, Managing Director