August 12, 1997

The New R&D Center Planned

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper will construct a new building for Research and Development Center in the east side of the existing Central Research Laboratory in the company's property in Kita-ku, Tokyo and start its operation in the spring of year 2000.
Upon completion of the new building and renovation of the existing Central Research Laboratory, the company's R&D activities for the mainstay business areas such as pulping and paper making technology presently performed at several different facilities will be centralized in the new center.
The company currently maintains the following four research laboratories :
Central Research Laboratory in Kita-ku, Tokyo
Research Laboratory of Product Development in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Imaging Technology Center in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture
Research Laboratory of Technology in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture
The new R&D Center building is designed to be ten stories high with one basement.The feature of new facilities includes such innovation as a quick evaluation system for new paper product samples in air-conditioned experimental rooms set at constant temperature and humidity on each floor, PR Gallery to exhibit new paper products and Multi-Purpose Hall to hold seminars and presentations.
The new Research and Development Center will well challenge new technology in the coming 21st century fully utilizing the new complex of facilities.
Outline of the Construction Project:
Total expenditure   3.3 billion yen
Construction of the new building  
Start : April 1998
Complete : September 1999
Renovation of existing buildings  
Start : October 1999
Complete : March 2000
Inauguration of the new building   April 2000
Basic design of the new building    
Main structure   Reinforced concrete building
Area total area   5,000 m2
Building area   820 m2
Total floor area   9,300 m2
Capacity   10 stories high
(height:45.2 m)
1 basement