Liquid Packaging Center (technology overview)Paper containers, film

Paper containers

Our highly experienced staff performs design that ranges from package design to forming and packaging system design. In package design, we have adopted the latest imaging systems to design concepts from the standpoint of product users. In terms of structure, we perform design and manufacture using CAD and other systems to meet customers' demands. When all requirements for a package have been determined, we undertake processing using the latest digital platemaking system, then advance to production processes, finish the product on an end-to-end production line that spans printing work to forming, and finally, rapidly deliver the product.

A varied product lineup

Cartons for foods

Tissue cartons

Cartons for cosmetics

New product overview: Heat-resistant paper trays

By laminating paper base material with special resin, we imbue the paper with heat-resistant properties for use in microwave ranges or ovens.

  • *Frozen pasta, gratin, etc.


We provide safe, reliable, chlorine-free wrap that is friendly to the environment.

New product overview: New heat-resistant ONE-WRAP

In response to customers' needs, our ONE-WRAP Series offers No-Additive ONE-WRAP, polyethylene- and polypropylene-based Heat-Resistant ONE-WRAP, and the NEW Heat-Resistant ONE-WRAP that achieves even higher functionality.
Heat-Resistant ONE-WRAP, a film with a five-layer structure that combines polyethylene and polypropylene, has been marketed as a household wrap with 150°C heat resistance for use in microwave ranges. To address an issue by which the product does not cling easily to dishes, the NEW Heat-Resistant ONE-WRAP product achieves ease of use by improving tackiness through added adhesives, clinging firmly to dishes while maintaining the same heat resistance.


Please contact Paper Container Film Sales Department if you have any questions or concerns regarding this product.