Chemical Division Development Research LaboratoryHigh-intensity sweetener (Stevia) manufacturing technology and nucleic acid manufacturing technology

A globally-recognized healthy sweetener

Photo of Stevia

Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted and refined from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana

BERTONI, a South American plant in the same family as the chrysanthemum. With 200 times the sweetness of sucrose, Stevia can aid in controlling sweetness-related caloric intake. It has been used a sweetener for over 300 years in its native lands. The Stevia sweetener extracted and refined from its leaves, in the form of steviol glycosides (purity 95% or higher), has been recognized by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) as safe, and is now widely used as a natural sweetener for beverages, as a table sweetener, and for other purposes.

Our Development Laboratory has developed and commercialized the SK SWEET® Series, which starts with highly-refined Stevia sweetness component extracted from leaves and adds glucose through the action of enzymes, controlling the number through original technology. The product offers sweetness properties extremely similar to those of sucrose without bitterness or astringency. SK SWEET Z3, which leverages this technology, has acquired GRAS approval (No. GRN000375) in the US in the form of enzyme-treated Stevia (purity 95% or higher), and is being studied for use.

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More advanced usage of wood constituents

Microscope photo of yeast

While research into use of the sugars contained in wood has a long history, Nippon Paper has gone beyond its use in yeast cultivation. We supply nucleic acid products extracted from high-purity ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the cultivated yeast, as well as nucleotide products for animal feed, manufactured by breaking down the RNA.

We are researching efficient uses for wood constituents based on the diverse technologies of our Development Laboratory, including technology for cultivation of yeast with higher RNA yields.

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