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Sustainability Report 2017

Sustainability Report 2017

Front Cover (PDF:844KB)

Major Operating Companies and Production Sites / Editorial Policy / Contents (PDF:105KB)

Message from the President (PDF:187KB)

Nippon Paper Business Overview (PDF:5.9MB)

Business Model and Strategy (PDF:1.0MB)

The Sustainable Business Model of a Comprehensive Biomass Company

Targeting New Value through Our R&D and Business Strategy

Business Activity Impacts and Materiality (PDF:434KB)

 Social Issues and the Nippon Paper Group's Value Creation Flow

 CSR Materiality at the Nippon Paper Group

Management Responsibility (PDF:942KB)

 Corporate Governance and Information Disclosure

 CSR Management


 Dialog with Stakeholders

Forest Management and Raw Material Procurement Responsibility (PDF:983KB)

 Policy and Management

 Current Status of Raw Materials Procurement

 Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials

 Protecting and Nurturing Japan's Wood Resources

 Overseas Afforestation

Environmental Responsibility (PDF:2.2MB)

 Policy and Management

 Reduction of Environmental Impacts

 Climate Change Initiatives

 Promoting Recycling

 Preserving Biodiversity

Responsibility to Customers (PDF:985KB)

 Policy and Management

 Enhancement of Product Safety

 Providing Environmentally and Socially Conscious Products

Human Rights, Employment and Labor Responsibility (PDF:912KB)

 Policy and Management

 Occupational Safety and Health

 Creating Workplaces that Support Diverse Human Resources

Responsibility to Communities (PDF:1.9MB)

 Policy and Management

 Coexistence with Local Communities and Society at Large

 Corporate Identity Sharing

Outline of the Nippon Paper Group (PDF: 171KB)

Third-Party Comments / Action in Response to Third-Party Comments (PDF:93KB)

Back Cover (PDF:191KB)

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