ABOUT USAction Charter And Codes Of Conduct

Action Charter

  1. 1.We shall pursue a sustainable growth for the future to contribute to society through our business activities.
  2. 2.We shall abide by the letter and the spirit of laws and regulations, and comply with the highest ethical standards and social codes of conduct, both in Japan and abroad.
  3. 3.We shall conduct our business in a fair, transparent and liberal manner.
  4. 4.We shall win the trust of customers through the development and provision of socially useful and safe products and services.
  5. 5.We shall disclose corporate information positively and fairly to all stakeholders of the Group.
  6. 6.We shall actively address environmental issues, and shall endeavor to conserve and enhance the environmental state of our planet.
  7. 7.We shall maintain consistency between the corporate development and the personal contentment of individual employees, and create a company filled with dream and hope.

Codes of Conduct

1. Fulfillment of social responsibilities

  1. (1)We shall contribute to society through our business activities, centered on paper manufacturing, as a good corporate citizen.
  2. (2)When conducting businesses overseas, we shall respect local cultures and customs,
  3. (3)We shall stand up firmly against antisocial factions and groups.

2. Fair, transparent and liberal corporate activities

  1. (1)We shall not become involved in a cartel, collusive behavior, inappropriate labeling or other acts that violate the provisions and spirit of Anti-Trust Law and related regulations, and we shall conduct fair business transactions.
  2. (2)We shall not become involved not only in bribery of public officers, illegal political contributions or offering of profits, but also in actions that could be conceived as back-scratching or cozy relations with legislature or administrative bodies.
  3. (3)We shall not become involved in after-hours entertainment or gift giving that is unacceptable given community standards and general business practice.

3. Winning trust of customers

  1. (1)We shall consistently provide products and service that are socially useful, of high quality and with a high degree of safety, and environmentally friendly.
  2. (2)We shall provide quality labels and other product information accurately and fairly, to enable customers to make informed choices.
  3. (3)We shall take every opportunity to listen to the opinions of customers, and endeavor to maximize customer satisfaction.

4. Strict handling of corporate information

  1. (1)We shall manage business information, intellectual property rights, customer information, personal information and other important internal information strictly and appropriately.
  2. (2)We shall not obtain or use information on customers or competitors in an illegal way.
  3. (3)We shall respect the intellectual property rights of others.

5. Fair and positive disclosure of corporate information

We shall positively disclose not only business-related information but also fair and reliable information on our environmental and community activities to our customers, consumers, shareholders, investors, business partners, regional communities, administrative bodies, employees and other stakeholders.

6. Active involvement with environmental issues

  1. (1)We shall promote afforestation projects, to create and make effective use of sustainable forest resources.
  2. (2)We shall promote energy conservation, the use of wastepaper and other measures to effectively use resources that are limited in quantity.
  3. (3)We shall manage and reduce all types of discharge and waste generated in the course of corporate activities.
  4. (4)We shall research and develop manufacturing technologies, and products and services that are in harmony with the environment.

7. Desirable mindset of employees

  1. (1)To act with a willingness to improve oneself and to take up challenges, to make corporate development consistent with personal contentment.
  2. (2)To abide by laws, regulations and social codes, and to be responsible for one's own conduct.
  3. (3)To respect each other's human rights and to consider the positions of others when taking action.
  4. (4)To distinguish at all times between official and private settings, and to avoid using business positions for personal benefit.
  5. (5)To restrain from using for private purposes nonpublic information obtained in one's company or in the course of business.

Established on April 1, 2004

Nippon Paper Group Basic Policy on Prevention of Bribery to Public Officials

Established on November 8, 2017

Nippon Paper Group Basic Policy on Compliance with Competition Laws

Established on November 8, 2017