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Pursuing the Goal of Realizing a Sustainable Society

I would like to express my deepest condolences to all of the victims and their families who have been affected by COVID-19 as well as show my gratitude and sincere respect for the healthcare workers who have worked arduously during such challenging times. The Nippon Paper Group follows the policies of national and local governments and fulfills its responsibilities to all of its stakeholders, which includes preventing the spread of infection among employees of the Group and ensuring business continuity to fulfill its responsibility to supply products.

As a comprehensive biomass company producing a variety of materials from wood, a renewable resource, under the slogan, "shaping the future with trees," the Group is developing a diverse range of businesses, including the paper and paperboard businesses as well as the packaging, household paper and healthcare, chemical, logs and lumber and energy businesses, which are expected to grow.

The themes of the Sixth Medium-Term Business Plan, which is currently being executed, are "Reorganize production structure of the paper business and make maximum use of in-house facilities" and "Expand businesses in growth areas and achieve early commercialization of new businesses." Under these themes, the Group has been investing in growth areas that are indispensable in the building of a sustainable society. The effects of these investments are steadily emerging.

In the packaging business, we provide milk cartons and other liquid packaging cartons, particularly for health beverages. In Australia, where growth is expected, we acquired a paperboard and fiber based packaging business in April 2020. In the household paper and healthcare business, demand for tissues, toilet paper rolls, paper towels and wet tissues has increased, and we provide healthcare products that support comfortable lives in an aging society, including adult diapers and products for mild incontinence. In the chemical business, we produce materials that use wood components without waste and support people's everyday lives, including high-purity pulp, a raw material for rayon, functional cellulose that is used for industrial materials and food products and daily necessities, and functional films that support the development of IT equipment. In the logs and lumber business, we purchase and sell building materials, raw wood and plywood and collect and sell biomass fuel, which is now attracting attention as a renewable energy source. In the energy business, we are developing woody biomass power generation and leveraging in-house power generation that we have developed in paper production.

We tackle global issues, including climate change and the spread of infectious diseases, from a long-term perspective based on the principle of utilizing wood. Wood is a material we can generate and we are able to produce a wide variety of products from wood. It is biodegradable and recyclable. The needs of our customers are reflected in our products and businesses, taking into consideration the environment, health and high hygiene, which are keywords.

We are formulating a long-term vision that will guide the Group's growth in the next ten years. We will announce this vision in the spring of 2021. We will strive to realize our Vision included in the Group Mission together with all of our stakeholders. We humbly hope that we are able to continue relying on your understanding and support.

Toru Nozawa,


Nippon Paper Industries, Co., Ltd.