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Shaping the Future with Trees

The mission of the Nippon Paper Group is "to contribute to better living and cultural progress everywhere it does business." We are working to make that a reality by developing a diverse range of products and services under the slogan "shaping the future with trees."

Forests provide social benefits such as serving as a carbon sink as they grow, and also provide wood resources that are renewable and characterized by its diverseness that can produce a variety of materials. As I am sure you are aware, we have been operating a papermaking business for many years with wood fiber as the raw material, founded on the sustainable procurement of forest resources. Besides paper products, the Nippon Paper Group has been providing a truly wide range of products and services, including paper-based packages and beverage cartons such as milk cartons, healthcare products that respond to the needs of an ageing society with high and reliable quality, chemical products that effectively utilize wood components and have broad industrial applications, and energy service which contributes to a steady supply of electricity.

In recent years, cellulose nanofiber (CNF), which is wood fiber defibrated into a nano scale, has earned attention in the field of biochemistry as a material that could potentially revolutionize numerous industries in Japan and across the globe. We pioneered the development of CNF technology and started mass-producing it in 2017 as a leading company in application development. Our deodorant and antibacterial CNF sheets, the first in the world, were adapted for practical use as a healthcare product by Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd. and enjoy high market acclaim. We will be adapting many more products for wide practical use in the industrial field, ranging from functional sheets and additives to CNF reinforced plastic composites used in cars, etc.

In addition to CNF, we are also working on several innovative materials that have potential for shaping the new age, including new beverage packages with closures for higher design value and packaging materials embedded with high barrier properties despite being paper. As a business group, we are confident that this will lead to future growth.

Moreover, fiscal 2018 marks the start of our three-year sixth medium-term business plan. Considering the increasingly severe conditions for paper as an information medium, we are thoroughly reinforcing our paper business for newsprint, printing paper, etc., by decisively reorganizing our production structure. At the same time, we are accelerating the transformation of our business structure. We are hoping to expand each of our many businesses, including packages, household paper products and healthcare, chemicals, and energy, as well as put effort into the early development of new businesses.

Our society and industry will not survive if we don't pursue sustainability. The slogan "shaping the future with trees" is an expression of our unceasing determination to continuously and fully utilize wood that is renewable resource and to face head-on "sustainability", one of the top priority challenges in the world. We aim to contribute to the creating of a sustainable society by continuing to provide products and services that facilitate new value creation on the basis of "trees."

Fumio Manoshiro,


Nippon Paper Industries, Co., Ltd.