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Nippon Paper Lumber Co., Ltd. deals with raw wood and sawed logs, and sells domestic lumber. It also manufactures plywood and laminated lumber products, and collects and sells pulpwood, woodships and wastepaper, including the production of cellulose fiber insulators.

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laminated lumber, insulator, house components.

Daishowa Uniboard Co., Ltd. is a melamine faced chipboard (particleboard) colorful addition to the interior of residential buildings that is also environmentally friendly. Not only has it been certified the Eco mark by JEA (Japan Environment Association), but it is also a designated product under the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing. Furthermore, it is a JIS-accredited factory manufactured product of the highest grade (F) as stipulated by the revised Building Standards Law (from July 2003). Uniboard® has gained a high reputation for use in manufacturing a wide variety of furniture.

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PAL CO.,LTD. a company that specializes in the "science of trees" supplies timber products for the building industry that are of high quality, environmentally friendly, and free of chemicals thought to be harmful to human health. These products contribute to the creation of diverse new interiors. The company's core product is the popular Shin-ofu Series, which adapts European interior concepts to suit the sensibilities of the Japanese consumer.

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