PRODUCTSChemical Products

Finer Solutions for the future.

Our fine chemical products are used at various manufacturing facilities that create the items that support your daily lives in a myriad of ways.

Dissolving pulp (Sulfite)

Our dissolving pulp is produced by the sulfite pulping (SP method) with precision processing to assure a high whiteness level with minimum impurities.

Functional chemical products

Our product range extends from food additives,which use our technology, to specialty chemicals such as cellulose derivatives and lignin products utilizing constituents from wood.

Lignin products

Lignin is one of the principal components of wood and has unique properties. We are the only lignin manufacturer in Japan and we produce a wide range of lignin products. Our brands, SAN X®, VANILLEX® and PEARLLEX® are used in many industries.

Dispersant for Mortar/Concrete

FLOWRIC is the brand name of dispersant for mortar/concrete that Flowric Co., Ltd. manufactures. It includes many product lines that are highly-durable or are a high-performance series.

Condensed naphthalene-sulfonate products

VANIOL® is a high-performance synthetic dispersant that we developed with our original technology based on long-term research into lignin products . It is more applicable as dye dispersant than lignin dispersant given its stronger dispersing performance and light colors.

Ribonucleic acid/Yeast products

Functional coating resins

SUPERCHLON® and AUROREN® are high-performance adhesion promoters for paint, coatings, ink and adhesives. Its applications include automotive exterior parts,such as bumpers, interior parts, packaging films, adhesives and printing inks.


Functional film

The use of our optical film for flat panel displays is steadily extending in to smart phones, personal computers, monitors and televisions. We can satisfy your high expectations with a highly responsive development system and the latest in clean coating technology.

Optical film for display devices

We provide clear hard coat films (CHC) and an anti-reflection hard coat film (New Clear, NC) for liquid crystal displays (LCD).

Film for a temporary seal

We provide JEMITS TAPE, film for a temporary seal for confidential/private letters.