AUROREN® Specially Modified Polyolefin 

AUROREN® is a non-chlorinated specially modified polyolefin resin used in primers, coatings, laminates and adhesives to gain good adhesion to a variety of low surface energy substrates. It provides excellent adhesion under a wide range of conditions to non-polar substrates such as polypropylene (PP) as well as to polar substrates like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and aluminum foils.

AUROREN® with various melting points, acid modification and molecular weight can be selected depending on the use, purpose and conditions.

Available in waterborne, solventborne and pellets (or solids).


(1) Pellet/Solid

GradeMelting point
(deg C)


25 deg C)

Solid content (wt%), solventAcid modificationUsage
150S 105-135 20-70 15% MCH/MEK = 9/1 High Primer and adhesive for PP, PET, aluminum, etc.
200S 60-70 10-50 15% Tol/CH = 7/3 High
350S 65-75 10-100 15% MCH/MEK = 8/2 Medium
353S 65-75 10-100 Low
  • The above numbers are for reference only.
  • Tol: Toluene, MCH: Methyl cyclohexane, MEK: Methyl ethyl ketone, CH: Cyclohexane
  • Solventborne products are also available.

(2) Liquid/Waterborne

(mPa・s, 25 deg C)
Solid content
AE-202 5-100 30 6-10 Primer and adhesive for PP
AE-301 5-100 30 6-10
  • The above numbers are for reference only.


Packaging Additive for inks, adhesive for plastic molding containers
Electronics Primer for electronics substrates, adhesive for PP/aluminum
Construction Primer for construction, paint, adhesive
Automotive Primer for plastic substrates, paint, adhesive
Hot-stamping Adhesive for hot-stamped transfer foils
Synthetic paper Plastic surface-modifying agent


Liquid poducts
13-15kg jerry can
150-200kg drum
Pellet products
15-20kg carton box

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