Yeast Extract


SK Yeast Extract contains high natural 5'-IMP and 5'-GMP. These contents are from RNA-rich yeast developed by NPI. It has a smooth flavor and doesn't have a disagreeable taste.

The product does not contain any organic chlorine compounds (MCP, DCP) as we employ the enzymatic hydrolysis method, rather than the hydrochloric acid hydrolysis method. Also, there are not any genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the product.

SK Yeast Extract is not only an excellent seasoning, but also has special effects such as masking disagreeable tastes or smells.

Products and features

Appearance Light yellow powder Light brown powder Light yellow powder
Moisture (%) ≦ 7.0 ≦ 7.0 ≦ 7.0
All nitrogen (%) 5.0 - 7.0 5.0 - 7.0 8.0 - 10.0
NaCl (%) 15.0 - 20.0 ≦ 5.0 ≦ 14.0
5'-IM・P7H2O・2Na (%) ≧ 1.5 ≧ 1.5 --
5'-GM・P7H2O・2Na (%) ≧ 1.5 ≧ 1.5 --
Others -- -- Peptide: 25%≦
  • HU(T): Basic brand
  • HUAP(T): Strong initial taste and flavor enhancement
  • Hi-KC(T): Flavor enhancement and taste-masking


SK Yeast Extract HU(T): Basic brand. Masking effect by the peptide.
SK Yeast Extract HUAP(T): Strong initial taste and flavor enhancement due to the higher ratio of free amino acid.
SK Yeast Extract Hi-KC(T): Flavor enhancing and taste-masking due to a higher peptide ratio. Can be used in a wide variety of foods.


Some amino acids such as 5'-IMP and 5'-GMP have an attractive effect on fish and livestock. HUAP(T)is recommended.

Medium additive for cultivation

SK Yeast Extract is excellent as a medium additive for cultivation. It promotes the growth of fungi or increases metabolite production.

HUAP(T)and Hi-KC(T) are recommended.

[Vitamin Contents]
Vitamin Contents (g/g)
B1 7
B2 35
B6 19
B12 0.05
Ca-Pantothenate 77
Niacin 280
Inositol 3170
Choline 1970
Folic acid 1.7
Biotin 0.5
[Mineral Contents]
Mineral Contents (mg/100g)
Calcium 164
Magnesium 176

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