SUPERCHLON® is a chlorinated polyolefin which Nippon Paper sent to the market in 1967 using its original production method. It is the best adhesive for polypropylene, thermoplastic olefin elastomer (TPO), and for low surface energy substrates containing olefinic material.

SUPERCHLON® is a high-performance adhesion promotor for paints, coatings, inks and adhesives. Its applications include automotive parts such as bumpers, interior parts, films, adhesives and printing inks. With various softening points, chlorine content and molecular weight, SUPERCHLON® can be selected depending on the use, purpose and conditions. Available in waterborne, solventborne and pellets (or solids).


Chlorinated polyolefin/ Chlorinated EVA

Superior adhesion with PP and various plastics Binder of paint, additive of ink, dispersion to ink

Non toluene solution chlorinated polyolefin

Non-aromatic solvent, high compatibility with polyurethane and/or polyamide resins Non-toluene paint/ink

Acid modified chlorinated polyolefin

High compatibility with acrylic and/or urethane EVA paints due to the inclusion of a polar group in the resin Primer, adhesive

Waterborne chlorinated polyolefin

Environmentally friendly waterborne emulsion providing similar specs with solvent-borne types Primer, adhesive


Car parts Primer for plastic substrates for automobiles, paint, adhesives
Film printing Ink binder for film (gravure /silk-screen printings), additive
Packaging Food wrapping film, adhesive for plastic molded containers
Construction Primer for construction, paint, adhesives
Textile Adhesives (non-woven fabric, electrostatic flocking of plastic fiber)
Heat sensitive transfer foil Adhesives
Synthetic paper Plastic surface treating agent


Correlation between chlorine content and molecular weight

PropertyChlorine contentMolecular weight
Solubility Higher is better Smaller is better
Compatibility with other resin As above As above
Candidacy As above Bigger is better
Oil resistance Lower is better As above
Heat resistance Lowest at 32 - 34 % As above
Drying property Higher is better As above
Heat-seal adhesive strength Lower is better, generally Bigger is better, generally

Adhesive strength in dry conditions

Preferably 30 - 34% Smaller is better
Wettability of pigment Higher is better As above
Glossiness of coating As above As above
Adhesiveness of coating Higher is less-sticky Bigger is less-sticky

Correlation between chlorine content and heat-seal strength

Film : PP 50μm
Sealing conditions: 110 degrees C, 1kg/cm2, 1 sec
Exfoliation conditions: 1.5cm width, 180 degrees, 50mm/min

Correlation between chlorine content and softening temperature


Liquid type (solventborne, waterborne)
15-18kg jerry can, 160-200kg drum
Solid type (pellet)
15-20kg carton box

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