Non-Toluene Chlorinated Polyolefin

SUPERCHLON® non-toluene chlorinated polyolefin grades have a good adhesive property with polyolefin substrates such as PP and also compatibility with resins such as polyurethane, acrylate and polyamide.

General Characteristics

Appearance Pale yellow - yellow, viscous liquid
Solvent Ethyl acetate, ethyl acetate/MCH=1/1, n-butyl acetate
Diluent Ester (ethyl acetate, propyl acetate, n-butyl acetate)
Ketone (MEK and others)
Aliphatic hydrocarbon (cyclohexane, n-hexane)
Alcohol (IPA and others, small quantity)
  • *MCH: Methylcyclohexane


Non-Toluene Chlorinated Polyolefin (solution)

GradeChlorine content


25 deg C)

Solid content(%)SolventFeature
814B 41 100-350 50 n-Butyl acetate Additive to ink, binder of paint
360T 31 50-300 60 Ethyl acetate
370M 30 30-150 50 Ethyl acetate/
MCH = 5/5
2027MB 27 40-100 20 n-Butyl acetate/
MCH = 5/5
  • *The above numbers are for reference only.
  • MCH:Methyl cyclohexane

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