Water Based Chlorinated Polyolefin

Recently, developing waterborne paints and adhesives has been required from the stand point of environmental concerns such as the VOC restriction. Chlorinated polyolefin has also been used in organic solvents such as toluene thus far. SUPERCHLON® E-415 and E-480T developed with our special technology are of a waterborne chlorinated polyolefin, which shows excellent adhesion to polypropylene substrates and can be used as primers and adhesives.


  1. 1.Good adhesion to PP.
  2. 2.Good storage stability.
  3. 3.Good freeze-thaw stability.

General Information

Appearance Milky white - Pale brown, liquid
Solid content 30%
pH 6 - 9
Viscosity 5 - 30 mPa・s (25 deg C)
Average particle size less than 1μm
Film formation Clear film is formed at room temperature


(mPa・s, 25 deg C)
Solid content
E-415 5 - 30 30 6 - 9 Primer, adhesive
E-480T 5 - 30 30 6 - 9


  • Primer for PP substrate
  • Waterborne ink
  • Waterborne adhesive

Primer Test (E-480T)

Substrate (High modulus PP)

Surface cleaning with IPA

Primer coating,
E-480T (emulsion) or 930 (solution)

Dried at 80 degrees C, 5 minutes

Top coating (2K urethane clear coat)

Baked at 80 degrees C, 30 minutes


Adhesion 100/100 100/100
Gasoline resistance more than 120 minutes more than 120 minutes

Test methods

Adhesion A cross-hatch adhesion test was performed after 24 hours. Applying and removing tape over the scribed cross-hatch test area was done and the amount of coating left on the substrate (0/100 = worst adhesion, 100/100 = best adhesion) was measured.
Gasoline resistance The coated panel was scratched with an X mark then dipped into regular gasoline. The time was measured until the top coat started to peel off more than 3 mm. (Fail: less than 2 hours, Pass: more than 2 hours)

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