ABOUT USGrowth Strategies

Reinforcement of "Three Circulations"

Grow the business and help to bring about a circulation-oriented society by reinforcing "three circulations" , which take advantage of woody resources.

Circulation of Sustainable Forest Resources

  • Aim to maximize forest values by using our domestic and foreign plantations and forests (about 170,000 ha)
  • We have developed unique breeding and proliferation technologies using plantations of Amcel as fields, greatly improving the productivity of the plantations of Amcel
  • Apply the breeding and proliferation technologies to other forests to increase the CO2 fixation amount per unit area and improve the productivity of forest managemen

Circulation of Woody Resources Used for Various Purposes by Using Technological Abilities

  • Develop various environmentally friendly products using woody resources and increase the CO2 fixation amount
  • Aim to grow the business and circulate carbon through woody resources using biomass materials such as CNF and MinerPa┬« as well as new biomass fuel
  • Reduce the CO2 generation amount during transport using "Long lasting roll" of Nippon Paper Crecia and CNF reinforced resin, which enables weight reduction

Active Product Recycling

  • Actively utilize unused wastepaper, which has so far been difficult to recycle (establish technologies and the collection system)
  • Construct collection schemes for paper cups and liquid packging products and barrier paper materials, and minimize environmental burden