NIPPON PAPER GROUP OffersProducts that Contribute to Building a Sustainable Society

NIPPON PAPER GROUP makes maximum use of its diverse technologies and know-how for using renewable wood resources to develop various businesses. As a "comprehensive biomass company shaping the future with trees," the Group will contribute to building a sustainable society and achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by providing products and services created from wood resources. The Group is developing various products using woody resources procured from sustainably managed forests. Furthermore, Group companies are developing products that are environmentally friendly at every stage of their lifecycle, including the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, use, post-use, and disposal of products. For example, converting conventional plastic products into paper can reduce the use of fossil-derived raw materials for improved sustainability. In addition, paper can be recycled after use, reducing the amount of waste. Shape design and improvement of loading efficiency will lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions during transportation.

Environmental Consideration from the Product Life Cycle