InformationNippon Paper Industries Opens Dedicated Website for SHIELDPLUS®, an Eco-Friendly Barrier Material Based on Paper

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter, "the Company" ) opened today a dedicated website for SHIELDPLUS®, an eco-friendly barrier material based on paper.
At this website, the Company conveys the worldview it aims to embody with SHIELDPLUS®, a new material that contributes to developing a sustainable society. We invite you to visit the site.


■ Information about SHIELDPLUS®

Package manufacturers are now expected to pay attention to global environmental issues, such as the prevention of global warming and marine pollution, in addition to the basic package function of protecting content. SHIELDPLUS® is an eco-friendly material made from wood, which is a renewable resource. SHIELDPLUS® offers the further advantage of adding a texture peculiar to paper, something that is impossible with films. The Company began officially selling this new barrier material in November 2017.

1. Oxygen and vapor barrier properties:Superior barrier properties protect the content and maintain its quality.
2. Flavor barrier property:SHIELDPLUS® maintains good flavors and blocks unpleasant smells. It also prevents odor from transferring.
3. Friendly to the environment:Using a base material made of wood as renewable and recycled resources, SHIEDPLUS is excellent in environmental friendliness.

Environmental appeals of SHIELDPLUS®
1. Material procurement: Paper used as a base material for SHIELDPLUS® is a recycled material made from wood, a renewable resource.
2. Packaging material composition: Carbon neutrality can be mentioned as a characteristic paper has as a base material. In addition, the ratio of biomass used in entire packages rises by the use of SHIELDPLUS®.
3. Disposal stage: SHIELDPLUS® is biodegradable in the same way as paper is, in other words, cellulose.

*Visitors will have the opportunity to view up "SHIELDPLUS®" at Nippon Paper Group's Exhibition during TOKYO PACK 2018. (Date: October 2 to 5, Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Exhibition Hall 1-01)