Press ReleasesNIPPON PAPER-PAK Releases the NP-PAK+R, a Newly-Shaped Gable-Top Paper Carton for Premium Beverages— Offering a new shape and new 920 ml capacity —


NIPPON PAPER-PAK CO., LTD. (President: Tadasu Fukawa), a member of the Nippon Paper Group, has commenced sales of NP-PAK+R, a gable-top paper carton featuring a new shape.

The use of gable-top paper cartons grew rapidly in step with the demands of the postwar era, and for the past fifty or so years, this type of paper carton has continued to be used with no change whatsoever to its shape. Since paper containers that use sustainable ligneous resources utilize good quality pulp as raw materials, are lightweight and compact, and can be recycled after consumption, they continue to enjoy strong demand and are used across beverage categories including milk, soft drinks, and tea-based beverages. On the other hand, the shape of gable-top paper cartons has long remained unchanged, and there have been calls for new shapes and new container capacities to accommodate the diverse tastes of consumers. Above all, the market has shown an increasing demand for paper cartons geared towards premium beverages.

In an effort to address this market need, NIPPON PAPER-PAK has called on its expertise in a trinity system (packaging, filling machines and maintenance) that delivers optimum service to its customers to pursue the development of a new gable-top paper carton, and at the same time has undertaken joint industry-academia research with the Department of Design at Nihon University College of Art. Recently, the fruits of these efforts have been realized with the completion of the new gable-top paper carton, the NP-PAK+R.

The newly-released NP-PAK+R is a paper carton that retains the ease of use found in the NP-PAK, our conventional gable-top paper carton, but incorporates curved lines into the shape of the gable to increase the number of eye-catching features, which is different from conventional cartons. In addition, by changing container capacity from the usual 1,000 ml to 920 ml, we have produced a paper carton that is ideal for premium beverages and that differentiates itself from existing products. What’s more, since the new carton features the same height and footprint of a traditional gable-top paper carton, it supports modification of existing filling machines and can be accommodated through existing distribution infrastructure, facilitating the process for new installation.

As a leading provider of packing systems that are based on safety, security and environmental friendliness paper, NIPPON PAPER-PAK will strive to develop high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of its customers with its advanced technologies.

  • *The NP-PAK-R is a patent-pending registered design.