Press ReleasesNippon Paper Papylia Launches New Thermal Water-Soluble Paper- Paper With Dual Functions of Thermal Printing and Water Solubility -

Nippon Paper Papylia Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Papylia Co., Ltd. (President: Masahiro Hirakawa), part of the Nippon Paper Group, and Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshio Haga) have jointly developed Thermal Water- Soluble Paper, a paper that can be used in thermal printers and dissolves in water instantly. Nippon Paper Papylia has commenced sales of this product.

Thermal Water-Soluble Paper is a high-performance paper created in response to the need of customers for a paper that can be printed using a thermal printer and that can be removed with water when used for printed labels. Utilizing the collective strength of the Nippon Paper Group, the product was developed by combining Nippon Paper Papylia's technology for paper that rapidly dissolves in water with the thermal paper technology possessed by Nippon Paper Industries. Thermal Water-Soluble Paper is already being used in the food industry overseas.

As a manufacturer of specialized papers, Nippon Paper Papylia has been offering paper with a range of added functions in response to the needs of the market. The company will market Thermal Water-Soluble Paper in addition to its existing range of water-soluble papers, cultivating markets for the product as a thermal material that can be used for new applications, such as for distribution labels that will be removed with water.

Overview of Thermal Water-Soluble Paper

  1. 1.Paper thickness: 95±15 microns
  2. 2.Water dispersion time: within 60 seconds (according to measurements taken by company)