Press ReleasesSakurai Co., Ltd. to Start Commercial Sales of CoolCal, a Heat-Shielding Adhesive Film- Efficiently reflects solar heat rays and suppresses temperature increases
inside the cargo area of trucks, etc.-

Sakurai Co., Ltd.

On December 10, 2012, Sakurai Co., Ltd. (President: Kenji Sasaki), a Nippon Paper Group company, will start commercial sales of CoolCal, a heat-shielding adhesive film that it has been marketing on a trial basis since last April.

Sakurai develops and markets media for inkjet printers, adhesive films for advertisements, building and decorating materials and vehicle markings, and functional paper for clean rooms, etc.
Companies' interest in heat-shielding sheets, films, and paints, as well as building materials, has been increasing recently as ways to reduce power consumption in response to power shortages, and combat the rising cost of fuel and increasing summer temperatures due to weather anomalies, etc. As part of SAKURAI ECORTH series, Sakurai has been deploying a wide range of products, such as heat-shielding roofing sheets, heat-shielding paints, insulation-adjusting films for window glass, and roof greening, to help conserve energy and reduce the environmental load of offices and factories.
CoolCal, now being commercially marketed, is a heat-shielding adhesive film for trucks. By uniformly mixing heat-shielding pigments into PVC film, heat-shielding effects are produced that efficiently reflect solar heat rays, allowing this adhesive film-type heat-shielding material to suppress temperature increases. Attaching the film to the top panels of freezer, refrigerator, and insulated trucks facilitates temperature control by suppressing temperature increases in the cargo room.

Experience the cost benefit of easy temperature control and improved fuel efficiency
Last summer, we sold CoolCal to 14 companies on a trial basis, and with their cooperation, conducted a field test of its heat-shielding effects on approximately 30 freezer and refrigerated vehicles for approximately four months. We obtained the following results:

  1. (1)Insulated trucks
    Data indicated that temperature inside the cargo room was reduced by around 6-13 degrees Celsius, facilitating temperature control inside the cargo room and confirming CoolCal's ability to help maintain the freshness and quality of food.
  2. (2)Freezer and refrigerated trucks
    The time necessary to pre-cool the freezer or refrigerated cargo room to maintain freshness was dramatically reduced, and fuel efficiency was improved by over 10%, resulting in reduced fuel costs.

Significant decrease in application time, minimizing effect on truck operations
Backed by the results of this field test, Sakurai will begin widespread commercial marketing of CoolCal as an effective material to save energy and reduce costs. Up until now, a heat-shielding paint coating was generally used, but applying this coat was time-consuming and disrupted truck operations, limiting the number of trucks on which the coating could be applied. However, since CoolCal is an adhesive sheet, it can be applied quickly and easily to the top panel of trucks, and because its heat-shielding effect can be obtained just by applying it to the top truck panel, it can be applied to many more vehicles.