Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Publishes Results of Researches on New Functions of Sun Cellobio®-K Oligosaccharide (Cellobiose)Shown to increase production of equol and mitigate allergic contact dermatitis

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

As a comprehensive biomass company, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. supplies a broad array of products in the biochemical area to facilitate comprehensive utilization of wood, a recyclable resource. These products include Sun Cellobio®-K oligosaccharide(Cellobiose), for which the functionality has been studied in collaboration with the Kyoto Institute of Nutrition and Pathology Inc., suggesting a possibility that intake of Cellobiose could enhance enterobacterial effects on the conversion of isoflavone (daizein) to equol. Because of its substantial estrogen-like effects, equol is expected to work well in alleviating menopause symptoms, preventing and ameliorating osteoporosis, preventing breast cancer and treating hypertension and other lifestyle-related diseases.

The collaborative study with Hokkaido University has found a possibility that the oligosaccharide could reduce inflammation associated with allergic contact dermatitis.

Sun Cellobio®-K is mainly composed of cellobiose, a carbohydrate made from wood cellulose that undergoes enzyme degradation and crystallization using the company's proprietary technology. The oligosaccharide resistant to digestion in the upper gastrointestinal tract and fermentation in the large bowel, and is used extensively as a raw material in many different foods, primarily health foods. To date, collaborations with research institutions have found that the product has the following traits and possibilities;

  • Very low hygroscopicity and high stability
  • Improvement of constipation
  • Increase of good bacteria in the large intestine
  • Improved lipid metabolism

Nippon Paper Industries will continue its research on the functions of Sun Cellobio®-K oligosaccharide (Cellobiose) which is reliably ingested by intestinal bacteria and contribute to help people maintain their health.