Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Expands to 33-Color Lineup
of Japanese Woodfree Colored Paper
- Resumes Sales of Six Suspended Colors, Adds One Color to Pure Series -

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshio Haga) will commence sales of a 33-color lineup of its woodfree colored paper brand "Nippon no Iro-Joshitsu" (Japanese Woodfree Colored Paper), starting July 2013.
Nippon Paper Industries was previously selling 32 color variations of "Nippon no Iro-Joshitsu," but had to suspend production of six color variations and sell a reduced lineup of 26 colors after its Ishinomaki Mill (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture) was heavily damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sales of all six suspended colors will now resume, and one more color will be added to the Pure Series, a lineup of colors unique to Nippon Paper Industries featuring bright hues and an established reputation.
By enhancing its lineup of woodfree colored paper, Nippon Paper Industries will address the wide-ranging needs of its customers.

Returning colors (six colors)

"Usumizu" (light aqua), "Shirocha" (light brown), "Wakatake" (light green), "Midori" (green), "Daidai" (orange) and "Murasaki" (purple)

New colors (one color)

Pure Ivory

Current lineup of colors (26 colors)

Lemon, "Awazouge" (light ivory), "Hada" (pale orange), Cream, "Ki" (yellow), Deep Cream, "Wakakusa" (bright green), "Moegi" (light yellowish green), "Uguisu" (greenish brown), "Asagi" (pale yellow), "Mizu" (aqua), "Sora" (sky-blue), Blue, "Fuji" (lavender), "Sakura" (light pink), "Usubeni" (light red), "Momo" (pink), Salmon, Orange, "Shiro" (white), "Ginnezu" (silver grey), Pure Light Cream, Pure Canary, Pure Lime, Pure Light Blue, Pure Pink