Press ReleasesGable-Top Paper Carton NP-PAK+R with New Shape to be Introduced by SHIKOKU MILK PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. for Noko 4.5 (900ml, 420ml)

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro) has launched its new gable-top paper carton NP-PAK+R developed in January 2012, with SHIKOKU MILK PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. (President: Shigeta Wake; Head Office: Toon, Ehime Prefecture) now introducing the product for its re-launched Noko [Rich] 4.5 (900ml, 420ml). Production will commence on August 29, and the product will be gradually rolled out at stores. This will be the first time that the newly shaped gable-top paper carton has been distributed on the Japanese market.

The NP-PAK+R Introduced by SHIKOKU MILK PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Noko 4.5

■ Development of NP-PAK+R

The shape of gable-top paper cartons has remained unchanged for more than 50 years. The containers use good quality pulp as raw materials, are lightweight and compact, and can be recycled after consumption, so are used across a variety of beverage categories. However, the market called for new shapes to accommodate the diverse tastes of consumers.

The company therefore called on its expertise in the trinity system (packaging, filling machines, and maintenance), as well as undertaking joint industry-academia research with the Department of Design at Nihon University College of Art, to launch the newly shaped gable-top paper carton, the NP-PAK+R.

■Features of NP-PAK+R

The container retains the ease of use found in our conventional gable-top paper carton, but incorporates curved lines into the shape of the gable. It features an original, eye-catching design and unique asymmetric shape that makes it easy to tell which side of the carton has the opening. Further, creased support lines have been added, producing a rounded spout modeled after a teapot, allowing beverages to be poured more easily.

Rounded spout modeled after a teapot

In addition to the conventional gable-top paper carton NP-PAK and the newly shaped gable-top paper carton NP-PAK+R, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. is selling the FUJIPAK system, a brick-type paper carton for liquids that allows long-term storage at room temperature. We will continue to develop beverage carton systems to accommodate the times, by accurately gauging market needs.