Press ReleasesN100 PPC Paper Produced at Fuji Mill in Shizuoka Prefecture Recognized as a Shizuoka Prefecture Certified Recycled Product and as a Product of the Fuji Brand. - In a Package Featuring the Eye-Catching Mascot of Fujippi -

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro) has had its N100 PPC paper, a copy paper produced at the Fuji Mill with a de-inked pulp content of 100%, recognized as a Shizuoka Prefecture Certified Recycled Product (See Note 1) by the Shizuoka Environment Resources Association and as a product of the Fuji Brand (See Note 2), promoted by the Fuji Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Produced at the Fuji Mill, the N100 PPC paper is a copy paper that meets the criteria for specified procurement goods under the Act on Promotion of Procurement of Eco-friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities (generally known as the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing). The product package features Fujippi, Shizuoka Prefecture's mascot, an outline image of Shizuoka Prefecture and an iconic image of Mt. Fuji to emphasize its place of origin, namely Shizuoka Prefecture and the city of Fuji.

Gaining recognition as mentioned above, the N100 PPC paper has been adopted mainly by government offices and businesses. The Company will continue to press ahead with its effort to build a recycling society through the production and sales of the N100 PPC paper.

(Note 1) Shizuoka Prefecture Recycled Product Certification Program

This program was launched in fiscal year 2005 for the purpose of encouraging the use of recycled products to reduce and recycle waste in an attempt to build a recycling society. Certified products must meet certain requirements, such as being manufactured and sold within Shizuoka Prefecture and being produced at a facility where measures for the conservation of the living environment have been implemented.

(Note 2) Fuji Brand

Industrial, agricultural and fishery products produced in the city of Fuji and other distinctive services in the city are defined as the Fuji Brand and advertised to the rest of the country in a bid for local development and for the stimulation of industry. Criteria for recognition include a reflection of materials, scenic beauty or history of the Fuji area and the uniqueness of the product or service.