Press ReleasesLaunch of Coated Paper U-ltima Gloss 80 (Kirameki)~A new product in the U-ltimax series having a high gloss level~

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro) will start to sell coated paper U-ltima Gloss 80 (Kirameki) in the coated paper U-ltimax series.

U-ltima Gloss 80 (Kirameki) will make it possible to achieve sharp printed images on the print side using offset printing, something that has hitherto been possible only with gravure printing. The gloss level (degree of light reflection from paper) of U-ltima Gloss 80 (Kirameki) is 80%, almost as high as the gloss level of cast coated paper. The exceptional luster of the paper itself makes printed materials look like photo prints and creates superb highlights (note).
U-ltima Gloss 80 (Kirameki) can be used for publications, including magazines, mooks, and photo books, along with a range of other purposes.

  • (Note)Highlights:bright parts of photos because of lamps, lighting illuminating fashion models, and other kinds of light

■Quality data

U-ltima Gloss 80 (Kirameki)
Gloss level (%) 80
Brightness (%) 86
Base weight (g/m2) 84.9 104.7 127.9 157.0 186.1 209.4
Paper thickness () 67 81 101 132 151 179
Opacity (%) 94 95 97 99 99 99

The data above are reference values and are not guaranteed values.
Base weight is indicated weight and is not weight that is actually measured.
This new product is manufactured by Paper Machine N2 and Coating Machine 2 at the Company's Ishinomaki Mill.