Press ReleasesLuciolight, Fluorescent-Colored Fancy Paper Produced at Fuji Mill in Shizuoka Prefecture Recognized As a Fuji Brand ProductLineup of four bright colors made from a guaranteed minimum of 70% waste paper pulp achieves a strong impact

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro) announces that Luciolight, fluorescent-colored fancy paper produced by paper machine No. 2 at its Fuji Mill (Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture), has been selected as a Fuji Brand recognized product in the 12th term (Note 1) by Fuji Brand Promotion, an initiative implemented by the Fuji Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Luciolight, the world's first (Note 2) fluorescent-colored fancy paper made from a guaranteed minimum of 70% waste paper pulp, was launched onto the market in July last year. With a lineup of four bright fluorescent colors (fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, and fluorescent orange), the paper has already been used for two-page spreads in hardcover books, wraparound bands for paperbacks, sticky notes and envelopes. Going forward, the application of the paper is expected to expand to address the need to generate a high level of impact.

The Company's N100, PPC copy paper used for packages incorporating designs such as the illustration of Fujippi, the mascot of Shuzuoka Prefecture, was registered as a Fuji Brand recognized product in the 11th term last year. The Company will continue to contribute to the creation of lively towns by increasing the sales of Fuji Mill's products incorporating regional brands going forward.

  1. Note1:Industrial, agricultural and fishery products, as well as other notable services created in Fuji City, are positioned as Fuji Brand products or services and their information is disseminated throughout the country to facilitate local development and regional industry vitalization. Recognition is made based on criteria including the leveraging of materials and the scenic beauty and history of the Fuji area, as well as the uniqueness of the products or services.
  2. Note2:Based on a survey by the Company