Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Concludes License Agreement for New Products with Elopak

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter called "Nippon Paper Industries") concluded a license agreement with Elopak AS (Headquarters: Oslo, Norway; CEO: Niels Petter Wright; hereinafter called "Elopak") on March 1, 2016, and agreed that Nippon Paper Industries would produce and sell a lineup of gable-top liquid packaging cartons that Elopak provides around the world, and introduce them for the first time in the Japanese market.


  Pure-Pak® Curve                       Pure-Pak® Sense

The products to be introduced to the Japanese market are Pure-Pak® Curve and Pure-Pak® Sense. These products feature sophisticated Scandinavian design shapes and new functions. They have proven records of high value-added products in particular, such as dairy drinks, soft drinks, and functional drinks in Europe, and closures can be attached to them.

We plan to introduce the new economical filling machine system (UP-F07 and UP-F14 manufactured by Shikoku Kakoki), which enables operations for both new cartons and conventional cartons to be undertaken with a single machine, and to which a variety of closures can be attached. This will make it possible to fill both value-added products (e.g. Pure-Pak® Sense + closures to be attached) and standard products (e.g. NP-PAK) on the same filling machine line. Customers will therefore be able to expand the product lineup while controlling the risk of investment in producing new products.

Last year, Nippon Paper Industries celebrated its 50th anniversary of the 1965 launch of its production and sales business of gable-top liquid packaging cartons. Our gable-top liquid packaging cartons include the representative brand "NP-PAK," and they have gained popularity as essential cartons in our lives. We have developed the sales strategies of the three-pillar system composed of cartons, filling machines, and maintenance by taking advantage of our extensive know-how and advanced technological capabilities based on our experience as Japan's leading company in gable-top liquid packaging cartons. We will continue to apply them actively, and will propose the most suitable services and new products for customers.

■ About Pure-Pak® Curve
The Pure-Pak® Curve offers unique shape. The additional curved panel, the Curve feature can be used as a communication tool for product features, brand differentiation and on-pack-promotions. Select advanced printing technologies to enhance your product pack design for shelf stand out.

■ About Pure-Pak® Sense
The Pure-Pak® Sense carton is an original contemporary pack with improved appearance and functionality. The carton is called Pure-Pak® Sense because its development and design has been focused on appealing to our senses. The carton looks and feels different with an embossed "first touch" zone near the gable top on each side. The new "easy to fold" lines enables consumers to fold and squeeze out significantly more residual content from the pack which is ideal for high viscosity products.

■ About Elopak
Elopak is one of the world's leading liquid food packaging suppliers and produces Pure-Pak® beverage cartons and Roll Fed packaging material, which are used by and associated with many premium beverage and retail brands. Elopak cartons are the renewable and low carbon packaging choice. Elopak produces more than 13 billion cartons globally. In 2015, Elopak celebrates the 100 year anniversary of its iconic Pure-Pak® gable top carton.