Press ReleasesLaunch of New SILVER DIA Dry- Establishment of a system for supplying coated paper featuring high-level drying and rub resistance and other performance throughout Japan -

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

On June 8, 2016, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter "the Company") will begin selling SILVER DIA Dry, an exciting new paper for West Japan featuring high-level drying performance and rub resistance for inks. By launching SILVER DIA Dry following U-LITE Dry, which was launched in October last year, the Company will establish a system for the nationwide supply of coated paper which it developed in pursuit of functionality such as high-level drying performance.

The new SILVER DIA Dry has been developed from SILVER DIA S, a leading brand in the company's coated paper range for West Japan. It was made to ensure that the oil components of inks penetrate the paper better. This has enabled the Company to achieve the industry-leading ink drying performance. New SILVER DIA Dry also keeps the surface of the paper smooth, enabling improved wear resistance of inks, the production of paper with enhanced rub resistance and print gloss, compared to previous products.

SILVER DIA S has long been used by customers, who have sought further improvements in its quality and functionality, including ink-drying performance and wear resistance that are equivalent to those of U-LITE Dry. SILVER DIA Dry is a paper that satisfies this high level of demand, and can be used for a wide range of purposes such as brochures, leaflets, and calendars.

By including in its lineup SILVER DIA Dry and U-LITE Dry, which feature ink-drying performance, wear resistance, and a high level of printing reproducibility at the same time, the Company has established a system for supplying the products nationwide, from Hokkaido to Kyushu. The Company will continue to respond actively to wide-ranging customer needs.

■Quality data

Basis weight(g/m2 81.4 104.7 127.9 157.0
Caliper(μm) 80 108 139 181
Print glossF(%)


29 29 29
Brightness(%) 86 86 86 86
Opacity(%) 93 95 97 97

  • The data above are reference values and are not guaranteed values.
  • Base weight is indicated weight and is not weight that is actually measured.