Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. will Launch the Sale of Copier Paper that Supports the Pink Ribbon Campaign this September- In Cooperation with J. POSH, the First Civil Group to Start Breast Cancer Awareness Activities in Japan -

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro) became an official supporter of J. POSH (Japan Pink-Ribbon of Smile and Happiness campaign; President: Kanji Tanaka) (see Note 1), a certified NPO, because of its agreement and sympathy with the concepts being promoted by the Pink Ribbon Campaign. As part of this campaign, in September Nippon Paper Industries will launch the sale of Pink Ribbon PPC (see Note 2), a new brand of copier paper, one of the company's primary products. A portion of the sales of Pink Ribbon PPC will be contributed to J. POSH and will have a package design featuring the Pink Ribbon, the symbol of awareness for breast cancer, to increase the public recognition of the Pink Ribbon Campaign.

The Pink Ribbon Campaign is said to have originated from the ribbons made by the American families who lost loved ones due to breast cancer, wishing that the same tragedy will not be repeated. It is a worldwide awareness-raising campaign to promote sharing information about breast cancer and early medical examinations for breast cancer.

Nippon Paper Industries has been hosting a regular in-house campaign to promote early medical examinations for breast cancer to increase the health of employees, but this is the first time Nippon Paper Industries has participated in a broader public awareness campaign. Based on the Group Mission of contributing to better living and cultural progress everywhere it does business, Nippon Paper Industries will support awareness about the Pink Ribbon Campaign through its copier paper, a beloved item of consumers for many years.

■J. POSH Logo


■Pink Ribbon PPC, a new brand of copier paper

Note 1) J. POSH, a certified NPO

A certified NPO that was established in 2002 to promote awareness-raising activities, such as sharing information about breast cancer and the common use of mammograms. The NPO carries out a wide range of activities, such as support for nurturing medical professionals, for Pink Ribbon Campaign groups, and individual activists, as well as awareness-raising activities.

Note 2) PPC means a copier paper for plain paper copiers.