Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Introduces New Shape Carton Packaging for Chilled Liquids with Closure Available in both Standard and Mini Carton SizeSupports the Personal Beverage Scene through New Licensing Agreement with Elopak

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: President: Fumio Manoshiro; "Nippon Paper Industries," hereafter) concluded a licensing agreement with Elopak AS (Headquarters: Oslo, Norway; CEO: Niels Petter Wright; "Elopak," hereafter) on June 8, 2017, and agreed that Nippon Paper Industries would produce and sell the Pure-Pak® Diamond and Pure-Pak® Diamond Curve chilled liquid packaging cartons. The cartons represent a new addition from the lineup of chilled liquid packaging cartons globally marketed by Elopak, and will be introduced for the first time in the Japanese market by Nippon Paper Industries.

These latest additions to the lineup come after the introduction of Pure-Pak® Curve and Pure-Pak® Sense under an agreement reached between Nippon Paper Industries and Elopak in March last year. The shape of the packaging is available in both standard carton (70mm square) size the mini carton (57mm square) size and can be fitted with a closure that facilitates personal beverage consumption in daily life. Moving forward, Nippon Paper Industries will strive to achieve widespread adoption of this type of chilled liquid carton packaging into PET bottle segment.

  Pure-Pak®Diamond Curve.       Fits into a car cup holder.      modifying container height.

  (57mm square mini carton)

Features of Pure-Pak® Diamond and Pure-Pak® Diamond Curve

● Adoption of a smile shaped curve on the front gable crease allows to fit large-size closure

● The unique shape and functionality provides differentiation from normal cartons.

● Mini carton size can be fitted with a closure.

The Pure-Pak® series from Elopak combines sophisticated Scandinavian design shapes with functionality. These products boast a proven track record in Europe, primarily for high value-added products such as dairy drinks, soft drinks and functional drinks.

The Pure-Pak® Diamond and Pure-Pak® Diamond Curve, which will be introduced to the Japanese market for the first time, combine these elegant design qualities with the ability to attach a closure to the 57mm square mini carton size. Considering the expanding market for the chilled distribution of personal beverages and environmental concerns, these products hold promise for a switchover from PET bottles to carton packaging.

We also plan to develop support for the UP-F07 and UP-F14 filling machine system manufactured by Shikoku Kakoki Co., Ltd. This will allow us to perform filling operations for conventional cartons with no attached closures (NP-PAK) and Pure-Pak® series cartons including the newly introduced Pure-Pak® Diamond and Pure-Pak® Diamond Curve varieties, with and without attached closures, using the same filling machine line. As a result, Nippon Paper Industries will be able to expand its beverage lineup while controlling the risk of investment in new equipment.

Nippon Paper Industries was the first in Japan to start producing and selling liquid packaging cartons in 1965, and celebrated the 50th anniversary of this endeavor two years ago. Nippon Paper Industries is known for NP-PAK, a renowned liquid packaging carton brand that has been used as a familiar item essential to daily life. Last year we also acquired the liquid packaging board business from U.S.-based Weyerhaeuser and established the new company Nippon Dynawave Packaging as part of efforts to reinforce our standing as a total system supplier equipped to provide everything from base paper to cartons and filling.

Moving forward, Nippon Paper Industries will leverage its track record as a leading domestic provider of liquid carton packaging and will continue to propose optimum services and new products to customers through its extensive expertise and sophisticated technical prowess combined with the sale of three-in-one systems that integrate cartons, filling machines and maintenance.

About Elopak

Elopak is one of the world's leading liquid food packaging suppliers and produces Pure-Pak® beverage cartons and Roll Fed packaging material, which are used by and associated with many premium beverage and retail brands. Elopak cartons are recognized as a renewable and low carbon packaging choice. Elopak produces more than 13 billion cartons globally. In 2015, Elopak celebrated the 100 year anniversary of its iconic Pure-Pak® gable top carton.