Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Launches Coated Paper "b7 LIGHT"- New product in the “b7” series featuring low base weight yet high paper thickness -

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter "Nippon Paper Industries ") is pleased to announce the July 3 launch of "b7 LIGHT", a new product in the "b7" series. The new product will be produced with the PM N4 and CM 4 at Nippon Paper Industries' Ishinomaki Mill (Ishinomaki-Shi, Miyagi).

The "b7" series uses Nippon Paper Industries' unique bulking technology to produce well-textured coated paper that achieves low base weight and high paper thickness. To date, the series lineup has comprised b7 TRANEXT, b7 CREAM, b7 NATURAL and b7 BULKY. By adding "b7 LIGHT" this time, Nippon Paper Industries continues to address more diverse requirements.

As for features, b7 LIGHT offers a rougher and more natural color tone and softer page-turning experience thank to its low density compared with b7 TRANEXT, while at the same time achieving improved print performance compared with b7 BULKY. In addition, the paper offers superior shelf life because it is a wood free-based printing paper.

The paper is available in 67g/m2, 77g/m2, 87g/m2 and 97g/m2 at 10g/m2 unit in terms of the base weight, and designed under a lineup concept similar to that of b7 TRANEXT in terms of paper thickness.

Nippon Paper Industries expects that the paper will find diverse applications, including magazines that require expressiveness in printing while simultaneously featuring rough and natural tones, and color-printed yet small-sized books that are also expected to offer an excellent page-turning experience.

■Quality data

Type Other Coated Paper
Brightness(%) 90
Gloss of white paper(%) 13
Base weight(g/m2 67 77 87 97
Caliper(μm) 91 108 123 138
Opacity(%) 91 92 94 96

  • The data above are reference values and are not guaranteed values.
  • Base weight is indicated weight and is not weight that is actually measured.