Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries Starts Sales of SHIELDPLUS®, Paper-Based Material That Shields Oxygen and Flavors

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter the "Company") announces that it will begin officially selling SHIELDPLUS®, the paper-based material exhibited in TOKYO PACK 2016, from November 1.

The possibilities of a range of applications have been pursued during development. To meet these applications with this packaging application, two brands assuming use as flexible packaging and a paper bag will be offered.
In addition to the packaging application, the development of a broad array of industrial applications will continue, to continue offering products tailored to applications.

Recently, packages have been expected to incorporate different functions from the perspective of food safety and eco-friendliness. SHIELDPLUS® is a new eco-friendly packaging material made of paper, renewable and recycled material, embedded with oxygen and flavor barrier properties, featuring papermaking and coating technologies that the Company has developed over the years as a paper-manufacturing company. The excellent barrier functionality of SHIELDPLUS® maintains the quality of its content (mainly food) and keeps external odors from being absorbed by the product. The paper-based product also features the unique texture of paper, different from that of films.
In addition to the packaging application available for foods, household goods, cosmetics, sundries and transport, industrial applications for construction materials, etc. and other applications may be offered.

■Quality data

Type SHIELDPLUS(bleached) SHIELDPLUS(unbleached)

Base weight

(g/m2 66 136 66
Caliper(μm) ca. 70-80 ca. 160-170 ca. 80-90
Oxygen transmission rate(cc/m2・atm・day)

ca. 1-5

ca. 1-5 ca. 1-5
Shade white white brown
Width(mm) 1000 1000 1000
Number of reams(1000m) 2 2 2

  • The data above are reference values and are not guaranteed values.
  • Base weight is indicated weight and is not weight that is actually measured.
  • Measurement of oxygen transmission rate:LLDPE of 30 micrometers is laminated on the surface on which SHIELDPLUS® barrier coating layer and the rate is measured at a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and relative humidity of 0%.(in accordance with JIS K7129)