Press ReleasesNippon Tokai Industrial Paper Supply Announces Linerboard and Corrugated Medium Price Revisions

Nippon Tokai Industrial Paper Supply Co., Ltd.

Nippon Tokai Industrial Paper Supply Co., Ltd. (President: Satoru Muto; hereinafter, "NTI") has announced price revisions for linerboard and corrugated medium.

1. Products subject to price revisions

Overall linerboard and corrugated medium

2. Markup Minimum 15%
3. Timing of implementation From November 21, 2018 shipment
4. Reason for implementation

NTI, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. and Shin Tokai Paper Co., Ltd. carried out price revisions of linerboard and corrugated medium business last year. However, the price of fuel, such as heavy oil and coals, chemicals for papermaking and logistic costs keep rising.

In addition, the price of old corrugated carton, which is the principal raw material, is at high level as an international market product. This is an extremely severe condition.

These 3 companies have been promoting thorough cost reductions, but they have been facing a difficult condition to secure reproducible profit through our independent efforts. Therefore, NTI decided the revision of the product prices.