Press ReleasesNippon Paper Industries' CNF, "CELLENPIA®", Adopted by a Product of "Tago no Tsuki", a Long-established Japanese Confectionary Company in Fuji CityJapanese sweets containing Nippon Paper Industries’ original carboxymethylated CNF

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter, "Nippon Paper Industries") is advancing research and development of cellulose nanofiber, CNF (brand:"CELLENPIA®"), at the Fuji Mill (Fuji City, Shizuoka).

Tago no Tsuki Co., Ltd. (President: Keisuke Makita; headquartered in Fuji City, Shizuoka; hereinafter, "Tago no Tsuki"), a Japanese confectionary company, has retail stores at the foot of Mt. Fuji, with a history of more than 60 years. Tago no Tsuki adopts "CELLENPIA®", Nippon Paper Industries' CNF, for its new dorayaki (pancakes stuffed with sweet red bean paste), thanks to the intermediation by the municipal government of Fuji, which focuses on promotion of CNF.

CNF is a new plant-derived material comprising of an ultrafine natural fiber that is produced by defibrating of wood cellulose into nanosize order. Because of its unique properties, it is expected to find applications in a wide range of industries such as food and cosmetics. Nippon Paper Industries has set up mass production facilities for various types of CNF products after more than ten years of research and development. The CNF adopted by Tago no Tsuki is carboxymethylated CNF that Nippon Paper Industries originally developed based on the manufacturing technology of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), which has been used as a food additive for years.

The dorayaki that Tago no Tsuki renewed and retails is a specialty products, focused on the taste and texture of pancakes and sweet red bean paste to draw out the deliciousness of red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido to the maximum extent. "CELLENPIA®" achieved a soft moist texture that has never been realized before.
Tago no Tsuki will start to retail the new dorayaki at its retail stores in Shizuoka on Saturday, December 8.


■"CELLENPIA®", Nippon Paper Industries' CNF  

Nippon Paper Industries' CNF is distributed with the brand "CELLENPIA®".

TypeManufacturing baseMajor application area
TEMPO oxidized CNF

Ishinomaki Mill

(Ishinomaki City, Miyagi)

Industry in general

Carboxymethylated CNF


Gotsu Mill

(Gotsu City, Shimane)

Food and cosmetics
CNF-reinforced plastics

Fuji Mill

(Fuji City, Shizuoka)

Structural materials

(e.g. automobile and home appliances)

Nippon Paper Industries will continue to develop more applications in a wider range of industrial fields.

Tago no Tsuki's dorayaki is exhibited in our group booth at EcoPro 2018 !

Nippon Paper Group exhibits at the largest environmental exhibition in Japan, "EcoPro 2018 -Environment and Society of the SDGs Era, and to the Future-". Tago no Tsuki's dorayaki is exhibited at our group booth (East hall 4-009).

EcoPro 2018 -Environment and Society of the SDGs Era, and to the Future-


Thursday, December 6 to Saturday, December 8, 2018 (10 am to 5 pm)

Venue Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)

Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry

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