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Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Fumio Manoshiro; hereinafter the "Company") is pleased to announce that Jujo Thermal Oy (President: Toshihiro Sawamura; headquartered in Eura, Finland; hereinafter "Jujo Thermal"), a Nippon Paper Group company, commenced studies toward production of the SHIELDPLUS® series of paper-based materials with barrier properties. The Company developed this series and released it in Japan in November 2017.
Amid a globally mounting interest in paper materials, the SHIELDPLUS® series attracts attention in Japan and overseas as one of the Company's paperising solutions. In the future, the Company will offer its samples and work to make the SHIELDPLUS® series penetrate the European market with high environmental awareness.

Recently, the problem of marine plastic debris mainly attributable to the flow of disposable plastic products has been highlighted. In many different countries, there is a strong call for packages to be made of recyclable, biodegradable and other environmentally-friendly materials.
Under the slogan of "Let paper do what it can do," the Company is pushing ahead with paperising solutions that help resolve social issues. As one of the major materials for these solutions, the SHIELDPLUS® was created by providing paper, made from renewable resources of wood, with a barrier coating layer based on the water-based coating technology for papermaking. Because the product is recyclable, it is hoped that it will especially be used in the area of flexible packaging as a new barrier material.

Jujo Thermal engages in the production and sales of thermal paper in the Kauttua in southwestern Finland. It serves as a key base of the Nippon Paper Group with a direct link with the European market. Since the release of the SHIELDPLUS® in Japan, the Company has received a large number of inquiries from outside the country. It will work to quickly erect a production system using Jujo Thermal's coating technologies developed through its thermal paper business. At the same time, it will implement marketing activities to acquire a wide range of customers in the European market.

■Overview of Jujo Thermal Oy

(1)Company name Jujo Thermal Oy

Toshihiro Sawamura

(3)Location Eura, Kauttua, Finland


55,910 thousand euro(the Company 100%)

(5)Business description

Manufacture and sale of thermal paper and others