Press ReleasesNew Product Launch of Strawless Paper Pack for School Milk

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. (President: Toru Nozawa; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo; hereinafter "the Company") has developed a strawless paper pack for school milk, NP-PAK-mini School POP (hereinafter "the Product"), and will be released in September 2020.

The Product is paper container which satisfies strong market demand of strawless paper pack for school milk. Thanks to easy-opening mechanism in paper pack, children/students can easily open and drink it without using straws.

Image 1.Mechanism of opening "School POP"

① How to Use

② Example of Design for reference

■Characteristics of the Product
【Improvement of functions】
① Easier to open

Different from regular gable containers for milk and juice, gap in the roof of mini-cartons for school milk is narrow, which makes it difficult to put fingers inside. The bottom part of roof is designed to put fingers inside easily when opening the Product.

② Improvement of pouring and drinking

The slope of pouring outlet is adjusted by unique ruled line and liquid inside can
be poured smoothly to drink.

③Able to use straw as usual

Straw hole remains as it is and be able to use straw during the period of children's
growth or for other reasons.


・Conventional filling machines can use the Product

Existing filling machines* with minor adjustment can use the Product, and there is no need to install new filling machine to use the Product at the factory. No additional arrangement for packaging line, etc is required.

※Applicable filling machines: UP-MC240, UPN-ME160, UPN-ME80 (universal mini)

For other models, please contact us.

■Background of the Product development

In a growing trend toward plastic free world after G20's announcement, plastic straw is shown as a symbol of marine plastic waste. Under the business environment that management guidelines take SDGs into consideration, companies in a wide variety of industries are under pressure to take action. In addition to the product launch of our paper straw to lead the plastic free movement, we propose "paper packs with no straw" strongly demanded by market as a solution to reduce plastic waste through product development in a different point of view.

The number of paper packs used for school milk in Japan is approximately 1.4 billion packs per year. Assuming the weight of each straw is 0.5g, about 700 tons of plastic resin per year are used.

For example, reduction of 10 million pieces of straws for school milk would result in reducing consumption of about 5 tons of plastic resin, equivalent to approximately 500,000 PET bottles, depending on specifications of straws.

Under the slogan "Let Paper do what it can do", we offer a wide variety of products that are made from wood, a renewable resource,and add new functions to recyclable paper products.We continue to work toward expanding the use of paper in the future.