DisclosureDeclaration for Timely Disclosure

1.Basic Position on Information Disclosure

The Nippon Paper Group recognizes that open and fair disclosure to a broad stakeholder base is a key responsibility of management. In this regard, we work diligently to engage in sound and highly transparent management by disclosing company information in accordance with our Action Charter. To guide us in our endeavors, we formulated the Nippon Paper Group Disclosure Policy in October 2005.

Following the guidelines of this basic policy, we comply with the provisions of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan and other relevant laws and regulations. We also adhere to the prompt disclosure rules stipulated by financial instrument exchanges, and disclose information in a timely manner, standing on the principles of transparency, fairness and continuity. Furthermore, we disclose information that may not be required under applicable laws, regulations, or timely disclosure rules, when deemed to be of interest to our stakeholders and other members of society.

2.Chart Outlining Timely Disclosure System