Research Laboratory(technologies)Analytical technology

It is important to perform detailed analyses and evaluations of paper and paper materials in order to maintain and improve the quality of products and also to develop new products. At the Research Laboratory, we support new product development, develop new analytical methods, and improve the quality of existing products with the latest analysis instruments and technologies. Using analytical technology that we have cultivated in the field of paper, we support maintaining and improving quality of the various products and development of the new products in the Nippon Paper Group companies.

Surface and cross-sectional observation

Surface photograph of a coating layer
Surface image of coating layer

Property of paper products is highly dependent on the structure of the surface and depth of the paper. Valuable information that leads to quality improvement is obtained by observing paper layers and coating layers, from micro to nano-sized, with microscopes and scanning electron microscopes.

Composition analysis


Various paper chemicals, fillers, and pigments are used to provide new functions to paper products. We analyze the structure and composition of the materials with mass spectrometers, various types of chromatograph, and X-ray spectrometers. In the environmental analysis, we can also perform composition analysis at a high precision and sensitivity with ICP/MS.

Structural analysis of Compounds

13C-NMR spectrum
13C-NMR spectrum

Product quality changes drastically by slight structural change of the complex organic compound. We analyze the molecular structure with nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, mass spectrometers, and infrared spectrophotometers, and also apply the accurate molecular information to product composition.

Support for group companies and mill

Elemental mapping of contraries
Elemental analysis mapping of contaminant
The Nippon Paper Group handles various products such as paper products (paper, paperboard, facial tissue, etc.), films, chemical products, and building materials. For the contaminants that lead to deterioration of product quality, we troubleshoot quickly with scanning electron microscopes, infrared microscope system, Raman spectrophotometers, micro X-ray diffractometers, etc. by analytical technique that we have cultivated in the field of paper.

Testing of paper

Testing of paper is indispensable to paper quality control and new paper evaluation. We evaluate the basic characteristics of paper with apparatus on the base of the latest JIS and ISO standards.