R&D Research and development organization

As a general supplier of forest user, and leveraging the strengths of the Nippon Paper Group and our abundant wood resources, we engage in research and development to widen the bases of our businesses. We aim to push ahead with research and development of our core businesses and new businesses, and lead a structural transformation into a comprehensive biomass business.

General utilization of wood resources


The Research and Development Division consists of the Research Laboratory, Packaging Research Laboratory, Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Research Laboratory, Chemical Products Research Laboratory, Functional Materials Development Laboratory,Intellectual Property Department, and other sections that support these (Figure).

Research and Development Division

Research Laboratory

We undertake development of afforestation technology for the purpose of stable procurement of wood resources, chemical products and functional materials using biomass raw materials and, as a core business, papermaking technology. We develop afforestation technology on plantation outside of Japan. Also we develop the technology, such as, an improvement of productivity of seedlings, genetic improvement of plantation trees and analysis procedure. As applications of wood materials not only for paper, we develop chemical products made of biomass materials and torrefaction biomass fuel. In addition, we have built a research and development system that comprehensively covers all processes including pulping, papermaking, coating, and printing.

Afforestation technology

Torrefied pellets

Torrefied pellets



Packaging Research Laboratory

We engage in development of packaging materials based on wood biomass and packaging technologies. In particularly, we are now putting effort into highly functionalization of base paper like barrier property and forming technology to various package shapes while keeping performance and ease-of-use for its package. Furthermore, we develop new products and propose solutions to satisfy customers' requests. We conduct development related to paper containers, and liquid-packaging cartons. Always aware of the needs of customers, we engage constantly in information collection and in research and development to provide new products that meet those needs. Moreover, our highly experienced staff repeat trial-and-error processes together with customers, carrying out sample production and verification testing to aid in new system development.

Pure-Pak® Curve



Intellectual Property Department

Total number of intellectual property rights held by Nippon Paper (as of 2018/3/31)
Total number of intellectual property rights held by Nippon Paper (as of 2018/3/31)
  • * Total number of cases combining Nippon Paper Industries, Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies(Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd., Nippon Paper Papylia Co., Ltd., Flowric Co., Ltd., Nippon Paper Lumber Co.,Ltd. and Sakurai Co., Ltd.)

The Department performs all work related to intellectual property within Nippon Paper and major Group companies.
To strengthen intellectual property throughout the Nippon Paper group, this Department collaborates with research, mill, and sales sections to protect intellectual property related to new technologies and products, and works to manage and leverage these. The Department also supervises technical agreements.

Oji 5-21-1, Kita-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3911-5106
FAX: 03-3914-3350

Cellulose Nanofiber (CNF) Research Laboratory

We are engaged in development of cellulose nanofiber produced by defibrating wood fiber (a renewable resource). In October 2013, we established Japan's first pre-commercial plant of cellulose nanofiber using chemical treatment. Furthermore, we started operation of a large-scale CNF production facility at the Ishinomaki Mill on April, 2017 and we will launch the operation of a demonstration facility for the production of CNF-Reinforced Plastic at the Fuji Mill (Fuji City, Shizuoka) in June, 2017 and the operation of a large-scale production facility of CNF that is to be put into practical use as food and cosmetics additives at the Gotsu Mill (Gotsu City, Shimane) in September, 2017. We will establish the manufacturing technologies of CNF suitable for various applications and the system for commercial supply , and create the markets for new materials and CNF.

Hina 798, Fuji-city, Shizuoka

Chemical Products Research Laboratory

We engage in research and development of functional coating resins for use in adhesives, coatings and inks and synthetic dispersants.

Iida-cho 2-8-1, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi
TEL: 0827-24-6345
FAX: 0827-24-6399

Functional Materials Development Laboratory

This Laboratory performs research and development of the chemicals widely used in optical films, personal computers, monitors, smartphones, and other products manufactured through the latest clean coating technology.

Higashidaira 1551, Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama
TEL: 0493-22-2962
FAX: 0493-22-5133