Packaging Research Laboratory (Overview of Technologies) SHIELDPLUS: Anti-permeation paper for oxygen/vapor

Alternative to films and environmentally friendly paper

Since paper is an eco-friendly material that can be easily processed, it is widely used as a base material (sheet) for wrapping. However, since it tends to allow the permeation of oxygen and vapor more easily than plastic films, it has not been suitable for uses that require a high barrier property. We successfully developed "SHIELDPLUS: paper-based material for wrapping" with a superior barrier property made of eco-friendly paper.

Protecting contents with adding a barrier property to paper and preventing permeation of oxygen/vapor

As a method of adding a barrier property to paper, it is known to coat on paper with water-soluble coating color consisting primarily of pigments and binders. Compared with films, paper as a base material is significantly uneven. Therefore, it is important to use coating technology for forming an even barrier layer. Then we applied existing technologies for manufacturing coated paper for printing. We selected materials suitable for oxygen and vapor, which vary in terms of molecule size and properties, and succeeded in developing a new paper-based material for wrapping with an unprecedentedly superior barrier property.

Pursuing a high barrier property even to equal to that of a film

Since SHIELDPLUS has oxygen and flavor barrier properties even equal to those of a barrier films used for food packaging and so on. Therefore, not like conventional paper-base material, SHIELDPLUS is available for new usage like films. Furthermore, not like conventional films, SHIELDPLUS offers environmental friendliness, soft feel and other features, and application is expected to expand to a new usage.

Highly suitable for processing: New material for package

As a material for package, excellent processability is required. SHIELDPLUS is suitable for various processes (for example, extrusion lamination, sand lamination, dry lamination, and so on). Moreover, applying forming sealant layer makes it possible to process on general bag manufacturing machine and molding machine. Then, SHIELDPLUS is now available as a material for flexible packaging, paper cup, carton and other package.