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Pseudo-adhesive film

Jemits Tape, Japan's first specialty film commercialized for use in confidential postcards, was jointly developed by Nippon Paper and Kyokuetu Co. Suited to on-demand printing and low-temperature adhesion, it features ease of peeling that is resistant to humidity, and glossiness not found in competing products. Moreover, it can accept three times the information content of regular postcards.

Jemits Tape is widely used in applications including direct mail postcards, tax withholding slips, lottery cards, election polling place tickets, notifications, and cards.

Applied technology: Hard-coat processed film for decorative molding

Leveraging our accumulated hard-coat processing technology, we are working on development of hard-coating for decorative molding film used in interiors and exteriors of automobiles and mobile phones. This combination achieves the complementary characteristics of decorative mold applicability and surface hardness.

Applied technology: Functional transfer film

Nippon Paper has long focused on transfer technology that achieves film solutions matched to our customers' needs. The greatest merit of transfer technology is its ability to easily layer various functional membranes on base materials using a dry process. Compared with general wet processes, this reduces burdens on customers, including installation of coating equipment and quality control, and is acknowledged as a breakthrough technology that offers quality that is difficult to obtain with conventional methods.

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