Research Laboratory Use of lignosulfonates

Usage of lignosulfonates' caking properties in binders

Lignosulfonates are macromolecular substances with caking properties. Lignosulfonates also contain reducing saccharides and sugar sulfonates, and display excellent caking properties due to the synergistic effects of these. Making use of these properties, lignin sulfonic acid products are used in many areas as binders.

Usage of lignosulfonates as dispersants

Lignosulfonates are polymer electrolytes that contain sulfonyl groups, carboxyl groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, and other functional groups, and chemically and physically adhere to a variety of particles, both organic and inorganic. Moreover, their strong hydrophilicity and negative charging keep particles stably dispersed. Leveraging these properties,lignosulfonates are used in dispersants, including dye dispersants.

Effects on stainability from adding lignin lignosulfonates
Left photo: uneven staining without the additive

Right photo: uniform staining due to the additive

No additive

With additive

Usage of lignosulfonates as chelating agents

Lignosulfonates and sugar derivatives contain sulfonyl groups, carboxyl groups, phenolic hydroxyl groups, and alcoholic hydroxy groups, and display a chelating property that captures polyvalent metal ions and forms hydrophilic or hydrophobic complex compounds. Lignosulfonate products are used for this chelating property as water treatment agents, boiler anticorrosive agents, and soil improvement agents for supplementing minor elements.

Usage of lignosulfonates as soil improvement agents

Lignin is a substance that forms the base of humus. Nippon Paper uses this feature of lignin to market lignin-based magnesium fertilizer that combines lignosulfonates and soluble magnesium. When using this fertilizer, the effect of lignosulfonates and soluble magnesium comprehensively improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil. In addition, as wood-derived sugars are contained in the fertilizer, microorganisms in the soil are speedily activated.

Usage of lignosulfonates as a lead-acid battery additive

VANILLEX, one of our lignosulfonate products, is effective as an excellent anti-shrinkage agent when added to lead-acid battery cathode paste. Moreover, it both increases discharge capacity at low temperatures and decreases polarization at the cathode.